Little Dragon’s Yukimi Nagano Is a Bonafide Diva

Brooklyn Bowl, May 15

Photo by Wayne Posner / Kabik Photo Group

Photo by Wayne Posner / Kabik Photo Group

Add Yukimi Nagano to the list of divas alongside Beyoncé and Madonna. The 33-year-old frontwoman of Swedish electronic pop band Little Dragon displayed the charisma of the former, and the flamboyant flair of the latter as she led her three bandmates through a dazzling 16-song set. She shook her hips like a dashboard hula girl while nailing the soulful vocals of “Test.” She assisted Håkan Wirenstrand on keys as she hit the angelic falsetto in “Ritual Union.” On “Blinking Pigs,” Wirenstrand launched into a synth frenzy and Nagano reciprocated the madness by moonwalking, twerking, and strumming her tambourine like a guitar. Throughout the night, the two showed a peculiar chemistry; in fact, if this concert were a freak re-imagining of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Wirenstrand would serve as the evil genius, and Nagano—the creature.

Though the bulk of Little Dragon’s set focused on the cheerful, exuberant side of the group, it was the three-song encore that exhibited the band’s ability to cover ground and prove itself as a leading force in the indie world. The quartet returned to the knockin’ bass of “Nightlight,” and Nagano launched into shrill Middle-Eastern-inspired vocal melodies, which led to a singalong rendition of “Ritual Union.” Nagano’s alluring vocals returned in the ballad “Twice,” which capped off the set, and reminded fans that she can quiet a room, too. ★★★★✩

Photos by Wayne Posner / Kabik Photo Group


Killing Me
Little Man
Pretty Girls
Cat Rider
My Step
Constant Surprises
Shuffle A Dream
Blinking Pigs
Kapp Klapp
Only One

Ritual Union

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