On-Demand Dining With NoWait

vegas_burgerbar_listIt’s an inherent notion that if you’re in line, given a fair amount of patience, you will eventually move to the front. We do this while picking up show tickets, going through airport security and so much more. But how much would you love to enter a restaurant, bypass those who have been waiting and walk straight to your table? The NoWait mobile app (NoWaitApp.com) makes it possible to get to the front at select Las Vegas restaurants, and claims to make you feel like a wizard, as though you can make other guests who have already put their name on the list  “disappear.”

“Several years ago, my colleague Robb Myer was trying to get a table for brunch, and was traveling from restaurant to restaurant only to find nothing but 45-minute waits,” says Ware Sykes, CEO of NoWait. “He was frustrated that it was so easy to book a table for reservation-only restaurants, but there was no similar app for casual dining. As a result, NoWait was born.”

The free NoWait app is like receiving VIP treatment with the on-demand convenience of Uber. It provides real-time information on restaurant wait times and enables the user to get in line remotely and receive updates about the queue from their mobile phone. All you have to do is show up precisely when your table is ready.

Las Vegas restaurants currently using NoWait include Bocho, Burger Bar, Chili’s, Double Helix, Kabuki, Le Thai, Nacho Daddy and Raffles, with more being added in coming months.


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