Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar Comes Clean

Pom Margarita

Pom Margarita

I do not have a dog. But I do have a cat. And while she is lazy, Katie probably wouldn’t be as welcome as well-behaved canines are on the breezy patio at Downtown Summerlin’s newest resident, Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar (702-727-4784,

I recently made like those pups on a sunny Sunday afternoon and lapped up all five of the specialty drinks on the Clean Cocktails menu. The conceit is simple: Banish excess liqueurs, juices and that demon, refined sugar. The resulting “clean” cocktails rely on natural juices, stevia and agave syrup to deliver balance and come in under 150 calories.

So far, the crowd favorite on the patio is the 106-calorie Coconut Mojito, made with Grace coconut water, but the Moscow Mule is a close second. And while the Wild Blueberry Lemon Drop is puckeringly tart, and the Pom Margarita earthy and juicy, my inner camp counselor was thrilled with the 149-calorie Passion Fruit Punch.

New clean cocktails raise their paws in June.


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