Noel Gallagher and His High Flying Birds Soared

The Joint at the Hard Rock, May 22

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

Photo by Erik Kabik/

The ex-Oasis singer/guitarist delivered a 20-song set full of the catchy ballads and raunchy guitar licks that propelled his former band to stardom. With the help of his seven High Flying Birds, Noel Gallagher proved that his formulaic, bare-bones approach to songwriting works just as well as ever. As expected, he sprinkled in a few Oasis songs—“Fade Away” and “The Masterplan” were given more upbeat renditions, but the focus remained largely on his solo work. Gallagher was at his best during ballads and profanity-laced stage banter: “Oh, you’ve seen me 38 times? That’s fucking great,” he said to a fan. “But have you got 38 T-shirts to show for it?” Gallagher’s infectious croon mingled nicely with the pianos of “The Dying of the Light,” and he swayed with his guitar while horn players took charge in “If I Had a Gun…” The night’s highlights were the triumphant Oasis cover “Don’t Look Back in Anger” and Gallgher’s furious guitar strumming on “Digsy’s Dinner.” These could be the best days of our lives, he sang. No kidding. ★★★★★

Photos by Erik Kabik /


Do the Damage
(Stranded On) the Wrong Beach
Everybody’s on the Run
Fade Away (Oasis cover)
In the Heat of the Moment
Lock All the Doors
The Death of You and Me
You Know We Can’t Go Back
Champagne Supernova (Oasis cover)
Ballad of the Mighty I
Dream On
The Dying of the Light
The Mexican
AKA … Broken Arrow
Digsy’s Dinner (Oasis cover)
If I Had a Gun…

The Masterplan (Oasis cover)
AKA … What a Life!
Don’t Look Back in Anger (Oasis cover)

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