Insomniac Reveals VIP Dining Details for EDC Las Vegas


Keven Alan Lee

With only a matter of weeks left until Electric Daisy Carnival returns to Las Vegas Motor Speedway, buzz is rapidly mounting. In the fiercely competitive festival arena, EDC founder Insomniac has recognized that it must create a truly immersive experience and that no aspect can be overlooked—including the food. We caught up with chef Keven Alan Lee of Los Angeles’ My World on a Plate, who will be creating and executing the menus for bottle-service clients, as well as guests who partake in EDC’s VIP dining experience or dine at the café.

This will be Lee’s second year helming the EDC Las Vegas kitchens. “Insomniac has doubled my space and given me two kitchens,” Lee says. As for the food, think: “Hypnotic Tacos,” Lee says. “We’re going to do a bao-style taco finished with Japanese neon-color puffed rice. It articulates the show, and is designed to maintain the same feel and emotion as the music. We’re not just talking about meat on a stick or meat on a bun.”

1098279_422306881222581_277881411_nSpeaking about realizing his lofty goals for EDC’s outdoor dining decks, “My biggest challenge will be the endurance of my team and resources. You’ve got to be resourceful. We do Burning Man on one of the most amazing campsites [on the Playa], and that’s a true test of endurance. [At EDC] there will be a café dining deck menu, a three-course sit-down menu for the VIP dining experience and cabana VIP platters for the bottle-service patrons.”

“[Insomniac’s] eliminating food trucks and giving us the opportunity to take care of that under one roof,” Lee says. His food will vary from VIP area to VIP area, but, he says, “there will obviously be some cross utilization [of ingredients].” Fittingly, the delivery method for the cabana tables will be platters. “And the electric fruit platters are going to be out of this world,” Lee says. “We will also have massive platters of sushi, burger platters and stuff like that.”

And if ever there was a time or place for a massive platter of anything, it’s at Las Vegas’ most over-the-top-by-design festival.

VIP Three-Course Dinner and VIP Quick Service Meal Package.

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