Download Astro Blunt’s Tightly-Rolled Debut

Listen to the latest releases from local artists. In this week’s edition: Rap duo Astro Blunt unzip their first album, rapper Austin Cain takes flight, composer David Rosen gets inventive, Nikko Dator refuses to do features and a YouTube personality counts the many ways drunk girls walk.

Astro Blunt – Astro Blunt LP [Free download]

Astro Blunt’s self-titled debut is a tightly-rolled spliff. Producer/rapper Phil A and emcee Chrnologic lace 10 cuts full of buttery, stream of consciousness rhymes. The album opens with the futuristic “The Unknown,” with guest singer Jim Stone promising This is the sound of tomorrow over synths and spacey blips. The Futurama nodding “ZAP” keeps it going, but the duo quickly comes back to Earth, turning dusty samples into classic boom bap. Their blunted vibes would fit neatly in Stones Throw’s catalog. Name your price and download the album now, then catch them June 18 at Bunkhouse for the release party.

Austin Cain – “Boarding Pass” [Free MP3]

Getting high in a more literal sense is Austin Cain. The frequent flying Vegas native, who recently returned from a spiritual retreat in South Africa, gives us a hater-shaking anthem in “Boarding Pass.” Sit back, listen and watch him take off.

David Rosen – An Unseen Sky [Stream]

Producer and composer David Rosen recently released his second instrumental album, An Unseen Sky. The 16-track project is heavy on dark electronica but also plays with industrial sounds and a little bit of alternative rock. What’s more ambitious are his videos. He worked with a game developer to create a virtual reality music video for the title track. I can’t speak on the quality of the video as I’ve yet to experience it in a virtual reality headset, but it’s a daring choice and I’m excited to see what he and other musicians do in the immersive virtual reality space.

Nikko Dator – “No Free Shit” [Video]

I’ve been checking for Nikko since stumbling on “Breaking News” a few months back. He pops up on occasion to slaughter other rappers’ tracks, like he does on “Only” and “0 to 100.” His latest release, however, is an original produced by PT. Not one to waste words, Nikko tells it straight up out the gate: I don’t wanna do no free shit … I ain’t tryna do no features, fuck y’all music that’s weak shit. That’s advice other rappers should heed, too.

Robert James Hoffman III – “Vegas Girl Walk” [Video]

YouTube personality/prankster Robert James Hoffman III created this goofy song to define the goofy ways in which club girls walk. It’s pretty damn funny (it’s got 500,000+ views, so I ain’t alone in this thinking). And we’ve all seen the “Wounded in Action” and bumped into “The Pinball” in the casino. I just hope readers don’t spot themselves in the video.


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