Charging Dough for Bread

peeve_of_the_week_emoji_WEB-01When it comes to dining out, I’m no cheapskate. If I’m in the mood for a pricey lobster, I don’t shy away from ordering it. And when I splurge on a nice restaurant, I almost always go for the tasting menu to get the “full experience.” But I draw the line at one new trend that’s becoming more and more popular in Las Vegas: paying for bread.

Look, this is America, and bread should be free in our restaurants. That may not be in the Declaration of Independence, but dammit, that’s how I grew up, and that’s what I expect. And don’t try to justify sticking a price tag on bread by telling me how fucking awesome yours is. I’ve had plenty of complimentary bread that was pretty damn amazing. And I don’t want to hear about how much bread is wasted because people don’t want it. Fine: Make it available only upon request—but make it available FOR FREE!

I get it: Charging for bread allows you to lower your prices a bit for appetizers and entrées. You know what that brilliant marketing move does? It puts you in the same category as airlines that advertise low fares, then gouge you for checked bags, carry-ons, snacks, beverages and—someday soon I’m sure—using the toilet.

Hey, Mr. Restaurateur: Do you really want to be the Frontier Airlines of the food world?