Kids in the Hall Are Even Crazier After All These Years

Mystère Theatre at T.I., June 5

Photo by Wayne Posner

Photo by Wayne Posner

Many comedy comeback tours are basically live re-enactments of old television sketches. While comedy troupe the Kids in the Hall brought back beloved characters from their Clinton-era show, they inhabited updated routines alongside entirely new material.

Kevin McDonald is still an endlessly mugging nervous wreck; Bruce McCulloch is still a douchebag teddy bear; Mark McKinney is still a goofy lummox; Dave Foley is still goddamn enthusiastic; and, while Scott Thompson’s status at an out gay comic may not be as unique as it was 20 years ago, he’s as fearlessly un-P.C. as ever.

For the opener, the white-gowned quintet declared, “We are men who wear wedding dresses.” Thompson announced, “I wear my wedding dress as a reminder of my vow of chastity … which I have broken thousands of times.” Foley wears his dress for the men who will never marry the woman they love: “The closest he’ll ever get to sleeping with her is pressing his face against her mattress as he helps her move.”

Thompson’s Buddy Cole, he of the ascot and the martini, was among the returning characters. He threw shade on parents who think “a transsexual is so much more chic than a plain ol’ sissy”—and announced that, in his youth, “We had self-esteem despite your childhood, not because of it!”

The Kids periodically broke each other up; their skill at physical comedy and improv meant that sometimes the audience didn’t know where to look because everyone was being funny. At one point they referred to “the autumn of our careers.” The vast majority of comedians don’t have a summer half as bright. ★★★

Photos by Wayne Posner

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