We’ll Stay For the Zombie Apocalypse

Chad Holloway | Photo by Danny Maxwell Photography

Chad Holloway | Photo by Danny Maxwell Photography

There are two ways you know you’ve made it as a cultural phenomena: porn parody or zombie mash-up.

Well congratulations, World Series of Poker. You’ve made it. Uh, with the zombies, we mean. Not the porn parody. Although if anyone is interested in producing The World Series of Poke Her, call us. We have some ideas.

Chad Holloway had some money to burn after winning nearly $85,000 in the 2013 Casino Employee’s No-Limit Hold ‘Em event, and an idea borne from the sleep-deprived wee-hours of covering the tournaments as a reporter for PokerNews.com. Enter comic book The World Series of Zombies.

“The idea was spawned in the hallways here,” Holloway says. “I spent a lot of hours here as a live reporter. Twelve to 14 hours a day, six days a week. I wandered these halls tired as hell and one day I thought what would I do if there’s a zombie outbreak?”

Enter artist Terry Huddleston, whom Holloway met at a Chicago comic book convention. The comic itself is a tangible bit of fan fiction that’s fun for poker die-hards who also happen to DVR The Walking Dead. George Romero enthusiasts who don’t know Phil Hellmuth from Phil Simms need not apply. Its most impressive accomplishment is that Holloway had to stretch any dimensions of reality. Anyone who’s spent a late night inside the Amazon Room in the summer knows that the hoodie-choked halls outside it are barely one moan away from being a legit zombie outbreak on its own.

So then, on the off chance you get seated next to a shambling cephalophage the next time you’re trying to win a bracelet? Check the protip.

“In the Rio I know the back hallways really well, as do all the big-name pros,” Holloway says. “I think that’s the best way to do it. Go down the back hallways, kick some boxes and carts behind you and exit out toward the parking lot.”

Also, bring a chainsaw. Worst-case scenario, no one else at the table will want to call your bluffs.

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