Afrojack’s Guide to Partying in Las Vegas


Afrojack | Photo by Brenton Ho

Nick van de Wall made $22 million last year as Afrojack, producer to the stars and headlining DJ for the most noteworthy festivals and nightclubs in the world. His lifestyle is decidedly lavish, but it doesn’t faze him anymore. Instead of keeping it all to himself, van de Wall likes to share his over-the-top experiences with friends, family and—hopefully, someday—his fans. Van de Wall told us about his extravagant nights in Las Vegas and his plans to include his biggest fans in his future show dates. He’ll be back at Omnia on June 20 and 28.

You played Omnia during the Mayweather vs. Paquiao fight weekend. What was it like?

Yeah, Fight Night was insane. The club made a lot of money, so everyone was really happy. Sunday, the next day, I was free. Calvin [Harris] was playing Hakkasan. So I thought, “I’m going to Hakkasan to have a drink with Calvin.” I was with some friends from Holland who actually flew over just randomly and some friends from Vegas, some friends from L.A. DJ Vice was there. Apl from Black Eyed Peas was there. Everyone from the Hakkasan Group was there, so we were celebrating.

How do you like to celebrate?

I wanted to have the Vegas “big cool guy” table experience. I went to a person in charge and I said, “Yo, we’re having an awesome weekend right now. Can I get some [bottles]?” He said, “Yeah, sure, what do you want?” I [said], “Fuck it—15 bottles of Goose and 15 bottles of Dom.”


Photo by Fotofloor

They were down?

They actually said, “OK, no problem.” People brought out the bottles with the fireworks and everything. It was like, “Oh, my God, this so cool!” We had a really good night. We had lots and lots to drink.

Did you share it?

Of course! No one can drink a bottle of vodka by themselves, let alone 15. I remember, I brought [drinks] to Calvin maybe 10 times while he was DJing like, “Yo, man, are you having fun? Do you want a shot?” [He said], “No, I’m OK.” He doesn’t drink when he’s DJing. [I’d say] “Are you sure?” [I did] that 10 times. After that, I think we all went to Spearmint Rhino.

What’s something really special you’ve done in Vegas?

This city really feels like home to me. For my birthday, I played here and I brought my entire family on a jet. I flew with my family on a big-ass [private jet]. I brought my grandma, I brought some friends, and we stayed here for a week. My grandma loved it, and my mom, too. The whole family was super happy and just having all kinds of fun.

Had your family been to Las Vegas before?

No. My grandmother really loved it here. It was the first time she was on a private jet in her life. We also stopped by New York and took a helicopter to Manhattan.

Do you often do things like that?

I like to share my experiences with my family and friends. This [hotel room] is like my house where we’re staying right now. When you think about it objectively, this is a big-ass hotel room with chandeliers and TVs—it’s ridiculous. After a while … I don’t really care where I am, but I remember the first couple of times I was here, I was, like, [in awe]. I wanted to give that experience to my friends and my family. I think I’m going to try to do it with fans sometimes. That would be awesome.

How would that work?

Just pick two lucky fans and just take them on tour for a week. I did it with a couple of fans already, had them fly with me to certain gigs.

Really? When was that?

Last New Year in Chicago. [And the Amsterdam Dance Event] two years ago. I’m working on building a system behind the website where fans can basically sign up and be part of a separate community. On Twitter, everything’s out in the open, like people changing their names and then sending thousands of tweets like, “Please follow me. I’ve been following you for so long. I’m a big fan.” Then I pick the user like, “OK, maybe you are,” and I see they sent the same tweets to just anyone who is famous just so they can get more followers. I’m like, “Really?” To protect my fans from that kind of bullshit, I’m trying to set up a closed community so I can actually give away stuff, free trips and what not, to actual fans, so it doesn’t happen that some random person’s just trying to get followers wins a fucking trip to Vegas or something.