Count Your Macros, Bro

Here’s how to look like fitness expert Jeff Seid

yupppSocial media fitness phenom Jeff Seid celebrates his 21st birthday at Palms Pool & Dayclub’s Ditch Fridays on June 12 and he’s more than ready for his first legal Vegas adventure. We can also assume his 2 million Facebook fans, 800,000-plus Instagram followers, 380,000 YouTube subscribers and more 71,000 Twitter devotees will be excited for the wild ride as well.

Congratulations on turning 21. Are you excited?

Yeah, I’m counting down the days. I’m pumped. I can’t wait. It’s pretty surreal, to be honest. I can’t believe it came up so fast.

Have you ever been to Vegas, or is this your first time?

I’ve been to Vegas four or five times. I live in Los Angeles now, so we’re really close. But every time I’ve been, I could never get into any of the clubs because I wasn’t 21. But now it’s going to be a good experience.

How have you created this amazing network of followers?

I started doing bodybuilding and weightlifting when I was really young. My whole social media came from my YouTube videos. I uploaded motivational workout videos and posted on some forums and got good attention. Then I went to Miami to do some photo shoots and I kept doing videos, kept posting on social media, and it kept building up. I think the biggest thing was staying consistent. I posted a video every day and interacted with the fans.

Vegas is a very body-conscious city.  Is it really all about what you eat, or is it more about the time you spend in the gym?  Tell me what the perfect equation is.

I think nutrition and working out is a half-and-half battle—50 percent eating and 50 percent working out. You need both to see goals and gain. I think nutrition is probably the biggest thing when trying to lose weight because a lot of people will do endless amounts of ab work, but if they have a layer of fat covering their abs, then it won’t show. I stay pretty basic with my nutrition. I follow flexible dieting. I count my macros. I’m able to eat. If I want to get a fast food burger, I can have that, but I have to count that into my macros every day. A lot of people think dieting is super complex, but it’s simple if you get used to it.

Sounds like a lot math.

Yeah, it kind of is. It does get complex. I guess I’m used to it now, but for the average person, I think consistency is key. You have to get to the gym at least four to five days a week.

Do you have a different prescription for women than men?

I think women and men are essentially trained the same way. I think nutrition-wise, it’s going to be the same, but just different calories. How much they weigh, how tall they are, how old they are. Training-wise, I don’t think you need a bunch of heavy weight for women to train.  More body-weight exercise, more aerobics, yoga and all that. Girls think that if they lift, they’ll grow a gross, muscular body. Lifting weights won’t make them like that.

What’s you’re guilty pleasure?

My go-to cheat meal is ice cream, hands down. I love ice cream, especially mint or Oreo.

You’ve conquered social media. Are you planning on getting into TV or acting?

Right now, I’ll still be doing my clothing company, Seidwear, and expanding that. I did move down from Seattle to Los Angeles. My main goal is acting classes. I’m signing with a couple agencies. I’m doing commercial work. Right now, I’m just looking to further my career. My ultimate goal is to get into movies. I’m still going to be in the fitness world, but I want to break away and get into the mainstream [media].

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