Carnivores, Meet Kutbox

New Las Vegas company offers guilt-free meat delivered to your—or Dad’s—door

Raw lamb chops | Photos courtesy of kutbox

Raw lamb chops | Photos courtesy of Kutbox

Getting Maggie Wilson on the phone isn’t easy. My planned call on a recent Friday went unanswered, as she was busy touring farms in Utah. When I reached her the next day she worried about the reliability of her cellphone service since she was once again on a farm tour—this time in New Jersey. Wilson spends a fair amount of time visiting farms and ranches to see how their animals are raised, observe their living conditions and look into their medical history. This research is for her new company, Kutbox, a meat delivery service.

While plenty of companies will deliver steaks and other meats to your door, Kutbox promises its customers something different. All of its products are guaranteed to be GMO, hormone and antibiotic-free. They all come from small, sustainable farms and ranches within the United States. The animals are never subjected to feedlots. And they’re harvested under the humane slaughtering practices set forth by renowned speaker and author Temple Grandin.



“We vet all the farms [we use] to see how humanely they’re raising their cattle, how they’re doing [other] things,” Wilson says. “We’re just really trying to make sure we get to spend one-on-one time with the farms and see what we’re really giving our clients.”

Kutbox is a Las Vegas-based company that Wilson launched in January with fiancé Beau Davis. Neither has a background in farming; he built restaurants and nightclubs before going into private equity, while she was in sales. The idea for Kutbox grew out of Davis’ personal search for meat that met his standards.

“He had been ordering from family farms for a very long time, because we couldn’t find anything we thought was quality enough from our local grocery store,” Wilson recalls. “And the things that were organic were all from Australia, and he wanted to make sure we were supporting American farms. Because they are struggling, especially in this economy.”

Kutbox offers a wide variety of meats, including beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb, bison and venison. Customers can subscribe for a shipment every month, or order single-month or three-month “gift” subscriptions for themselves or others. (Still looking for a Father’s Day gift? Does Dad like meat?) Prices vary, but generally hover in the $20-per-pound range.

Wilson says touring the farms has been educational. Before embarking on this endeavor, her only experience with farming and ranching had been on a factory farm. “Unfortunately, a distant relative of mine owns one,” she confesses. “So I went when I was younger. I was 6, and I just remember leaving and being horrified.” By way of contrast, she says the places she’s visiting today “honor the cow and do the best for it.”

Bone marrow

Bone marrow

Kutbox isn’t only concerned with the well-being of the animals they deliver. It’s also committed to helping people. Because Wilson and Davis purchase whole animals, and only package select cuts for their customers, they’re left with unused meat every month. Rather than let them go to waste, Kutbox donates the leftovers to local food banks.

So if you’re looking for healthier meat that also alleviates some of the guilt your vegetarian friends try to lay on you every time you invite them over for a barbecue, Kutbox might be the answer. And thanks to online ordering at and door-to-door delivery, you don’t even have to leave your house to enjoy it.


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