Andrew Rayel Is One in a Million


Photo by Jacob Van Rozelaar

Andrew Rayel is known for his tracks signed to Armin van Buuren’s Armada Music. A returning face on the EDC Las Vegas lineup, the Moldovan DJ will also play Marquee Nightclub on June 20 when he comes back to town. The master of melodies recently shared his EDC insights, predictions and some sage advice surrounding this year’s event.

What three songs are you most looking forward to playing in your EDC set?

Well, of course there’s my new track I just released on Armada Music, “Daylight.” I’m going to play my theme song that everyone knows in America already, “One in a Million” with Jonathan Mendelsohn. And probably “Dark Warrior,” another song of mine that everybody knows.

Do you plan to play mostly your own music?

I always do play mostly my own music. I don’t really enjoy playing the Beatport Top 100. I’ll also probably be testing a lot of new [original] tracks.

How do you prepare for huge sets like this?

I always try to remember the crowd from previous gigs, the reactions. And then I go into the studio and try to create something [new], and while creating, I try to imagine how people react to the certain vibes. I do all these edits and cut all these tracks and make all the versions especially for the particular festivals, such as EDC.

What is the best part about getting to play giant festivals?

When you’re actually onstage, like, the first five minutes, when you’re still so amazed by so many people coming down to your sets. When you see everyone jumping on your music, that’s something absolutely amazing.

What parts of EDC do you think people should go see or do?

EDC is not only about music and shows. If you’re going only to the main stage, then you haven’t really been to EDC. You’ve got to see all the stages, as many DJs as you can. You’ve got to do all the rides. Meet people. That’s the whole experience of EDC.