Club Life Takes Flight At EDC

Red Bull Skydive Team - Action

Photo by Wolfgang Lienbacher.

Red Bull has arranged for two members of the nightlife industry to make a most extreme entrance at EDC Las Vegas this year. Melanie Campoy and Trevor Bloom will literally dive into the festival with the Redbull Skydive Team on June 21.

Omnia cocktail server Campoy, 28, and bartender Bloom, 30, won the experience as part of the Red Bull Bar Games, where they faced off against other clubs such as Surrender and Marquee to sell the most cans of Red Bull Yellow Edition.

“The idea behind the contest was to grow sales and brand awareness,” Red Bull’s on-premise marketing manager Ian Clement says. But the response to this particular initiative was off the charts with its dream-making catch. “We had a couple of people come up to us and say, ‘Listen, EDC is really great. We appreciate it. But we’re going to sell Red Bull because we want to skydive.’”

Campoy sold 343 cans from May 1 to June 1. For her, the entire scenario is a dream come true. “This will be my first time [jumping]. It has been on my bucket list. I was just waiting for the right occasion,” she says. It will also be her first time at EDC. “I’ve always wanted to, but could never get tickets or a night off work. This time, it was meant to be.”

Bloom is also a first-time skydiver. “I’ve never had the opportunity to win anything like this before, so I’m really excited,” he says. “I’ve been to EDC a couple of times, and I’ve seen aerial photos of the thousands of people. To actually witness it in person, and have everyone watching me, will be insane.”

Following their dive, Campoy and Bloom will be met by the Wings team presenting them with a can of Red Bull and their tickets. Then, they will all hop into the Red Bull MXT truck and be driven to the main entrance of EDC.

The last time the Red Bull Skydive team made an appearance at EDC was in 2012.