Meet Insomniac’s Ms Easy

Because it isn’t a carnival without clowns

Led by Ms Easy (far right, black-and-white stripes), the clown show once again is set to invade EDC. | Photo by Barrie martelle/Insomniac

Led by Ms Easy (far right, black-and-white stripes), the clown show once again is set to invade EDC. | Photo by Barrie martelle/Insomniac

Eighteen seconds into the 2015 EDC Las Vegas trailer, sexy female clowns in hot pink afros pull a bearded man out of his chair and get him dancing. Coulrophobia—fear of clowns—may be a common phenomenon thanks to such scary fictional characters as Stephen King’s Pennywise and American Horror Story’s Twisty, but the clowns of Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival have virtually reinvented the archetype. One woman deserves most of the credit. “I wanted to combine my femininity and sex appeal with the idea that clowns were kind of scary and/or frumpy,” longtime EDC clown boss Ms Easy says. “I thought it’d be shocking to see an attractive female in a costume that’s often considered intimidating. I initially conceived it as a performance art piece.”

Commodious Commotion

EDC is a special kind of electronic dance music-fueled circus, so Insomniac founder Pasquale Rotella realized long ago that he needed a special kind of clown. “I was doing guerrilla-style clowning at the time,” Easy says. “You don’t expect 10 clowns to fall out of a Burning Man porta-potty with squirt guns and noisemakers. But it happened. And Pasquale saw it. And he said, ‘This is exactly what we need.’”

Antics and Shenanigans

Since first bringing her Team EZ to EDC in 2008, Easy and her posse have clowned nearly every EDC on the map, including Puerto Rico and Mexico. And shenanigans have ensued. “We love group hugs, tickling customers and introducing ourselves with our clown names and shaking customers’ hands. There are things we do regularly, but it’s consistently evolving at a rapid pace. Some characters do hilarious things that I don’t see coming. We have Ring Around the Rosie and London Bridge routines. We like children’s games. It brings lightheartedness to customers. They can let go of the outside world and their daily lives and be a kid again, experience childlike joy. Who better to [help them do that] than clowns?”

Silly children’s games can have a profound impact. “One time we all dog-piled this kid. I was near the bottom, so I was close to him. He started literally crying with joy and said, ‘It’s my birthday, and this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me.’”

Team EZ’s clowns thrive on the festival grounds, interacting directly with patrons. But they’re versatile, too, doubling as go-go dancers and stage performers. “I remember being onstage in L.A. with Kaskade as rodeo clowns and that fantastic moment of everything going off at the same time. It was like everything was in slow motion.”

Maternal Instincts—No Joke

Easy has been casting, dressing, painting and coordinating EDC clowns for eight years. Unsurprisingly, her maternal instincts are starting to kick in. “I am the clown boss, but I like to be the clown mom. I feel like the clown mom, because they’re all my babies. I feel like I birthed them. They’re all an extension of me. It’s the closest to birthing that I may ever get.”

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