Seven EDC Do’s and Don’ts


Avoid Fur

“Ravers love fur. Unfortunately, the desert climate is exacerbated by it. Also, it’s not the easiest to clean and wear subsequent days. Pick up three outfits if possible.” – Megan Swartz, Deja Vu retail manager/buyer

Hang With a Fun Crowd

“Go with no expectations. It’s not about where you’re going; it’s about who you’re going with. Make sure you go with people who like to have fun and are open to new experiences.” – Miss Alexis,
Insomniac dancer

Safety First

“Wear comfortable shoes. Dress in layers. Eat, and drink water. Don’t forget prescription medication. Have a meeting location and know important phone numbers. Protect your ears. Look out for each other.” – Maren Steiner, Insomniac health and safety director

Dude, Where’s My Car?

“All the lots have been renamed to help you remember where you parked. There will be a convenient way to tag your car’s location in the EDC app.” – Justin Spagg, Insomniac director of operations

Fly in Style

“If you’re looking at booking helicopter flights to the speedway, Saturday is the busiest night. Don’t be late for your flight.” – Bryan Kroten, Maverick Helicopters vice president of marketing

Pace Yourself

“A festival is a marathon, not a sprint. Pace yourself. Don’t go so hard out of the gate that you miss the rest. Check out artists you’ve never heard of. Talk to strangers. People you meet can end up being friends for life. Explore solo. Absorb every aspect. Hydrate! Dress like you know what you’re in for.” – Pauline Grace, FIREnICE entertainment director and Insomniac performer

Finally, a Word From Your DJ …

“Please watch your step walking up and down the Raceway stands as you get in. A slight tumble can turn into an avalanche.
The vibe you bring sets the party. Be more than a spectator. Come with your arms wide open; you’re gonna meet a lot of people.
No, that’s not the DJ mixing badly or two shoes in a dryer; you’re just between two [musical stage] areas. Keep moving until it sounds right. Let the DJ take you on a journey. Don’t dare make a request at the festival. You should have tweeted your favorite DJ weeks ago if it’s killing you so bad. Love and encouragement are always welcomed.” – DJ Michael Toast, Las Vegas DJ