Flume Plays Live and Falls a Little Flat

cosmicMEADOW at Electric Daisy Carnival, June 19

Photo by Jesse J Sutherland

Photo by Jesse J Sutherland

Flume, a.k.a Harley Edward Streten, is a little different from his contemporaries on the EDC lineup. The 23-year-old Australian wunderkind chooses to trigger drums and hit 808 pads—performing his downtempo, hip-hop-inspired electronica “live” rather than fist-pumping his way through a set.

For the most part, he delivered. Streten smashed through the tom rolls during the emotional climax of “On Top,” and he headbanged while fans sang along to his remix of Lorde’s “Tennis Court.” He snuck in a few new tunes that highlight his pop tendencies while strobe lights and LCD screens provided eye candy. Ironically, he fell flat when he decided to play DJ during the latter half of his set.

After “Insane,” Streten transitioned into a prolonged DJ set, mixing songs such as Rustie’s rambunctious “Slasherr” and his remix of RL Grime’s horn-blaring, trap anthem, “Core.” The songs were a far cry from the lush, synth-heavy soundscapes for which he’s known, and while he managed to fit in with the rest of the acts on the bill, the songs were extremely out-of-place in context of his set. Streten finished with his remix of Disclosure’s “You & Me,” and while the EDC crowd hugged and kissed to the romantic tune, it just wasn’t enough to redeem himself. ★★✩✩✩

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