Tuxedo’s Dirty Funk Comes Clean

The Bunkhouse Saloon, June 27

Photo by Myron Hensel

Photo by Myron Hensel

The boombastic funk duo consisting of singer Mayer Hawthorne and hip-hop producer Jake One delivered an hourlong set that was more of a jumpin’, Soul Train-inspired dance party than a live concert (though they excelled in that regard, too). As expected, the two donned slick black tuxedos, and they were joined by five others (in white tuxedos) to make a seven-piece soul outfit—complete with a Diana Ross-esque backup singer who sang and danced in a shimmering gold dress. “The only time I wear tuxedos is when it’s time to party,” Hawthorne said, before launching into the one-two of “Number One,” “so y’all know what to do!”

Throughout the set, Hawthorne channeled a young James Brown by spinning during the chorus of “Watch the Dance” and stomping during Chic cover “I Want Your Love.” Jake One handled the synths—shaking his hips while playing lead melodies like a sort of g-funk maestro. The venue’s compact stage could barely contain the seven sharply dressed bodies as they swayed left and right to “So Good.” It’s so good/it’s where I wanna be, Hawthorne sang. Indeed. ★★★★✩

Photos by Myron Hensel


Two Wrongs
Number One
R U Ready
Watch the Dance
Without Your Love
Designer Drug (Mayer Hawthorne cover)
I Got U
So Good
I Want Your Love (Chic cover)
The Right Time
Do It

Henny & Gingerale (Mayer Hawthorne cover)

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