Local Comic Gets ‘Squirrely’ on Fat Guys in the Woods


Timm Metivier (far right)tries out his survival skills.

To be a contestant on The Weather Channel reality show, Fat Guys in the Woods, you must be A) pleasantly plump and B) willing to spend one week in the wilderness with woodsman extraordinaire Creek Stewart. (You know it’s real when dude’s name is a body of water.)

One such “fat guy” is local comedian Timm Metivier, who joins Stewart and two other contestants in northern Michigan on a quest for better health and hunting skills in an episode airing at 9 p.m. July 5. Stewart challenges the men to build shelter, start fires and, of course, kill their own dinner. But when Mother Nature gets the best of them, we’re told, “The starving group resorts to eating tree bark, pine needles and squirrel.”

Squirrel? We can’t say it’ll be Vegas’ finest reality TV moment, but so long as no one turns it in to a stage show (see Pawn Shop Live!, Duck Commander the Musical), it won’t be our worst, either.

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