Caya Hefner Gives the Skinny on the Hot 100

The contestant knows how to get the vote out at Wet Republic


Caya Hefner. | Photo by Tony Tran.

Being crowned the hottest chick in Vegas requires more than just a scorchin’ physique. Today’s Spy on Vegas Hot 100 bikini contest champions are a well-rounded breed, commandeering deep social media chops, marketing skills, and even having—gasp—scintillating personalities. Here, model, DJ and yes, Hugh’s sister-in-law, Caya Hefner (née Ukkas) happily shares what she’s gleaned from previous contests.

You also competed in 2014. What (if anything) did you learn that you think might give you the winning edge this go ’round?

It’s a lot of work—getting your body into shape, promoting and posting photos. I have a lot more support on social media now, so I just thought, “Why not?”

Do the contestants get along, or are there any backstage double-crossing shenanigans?

[Laughs.] Everybody gets along. We’re all just focused on our own thing.

Did you train physically or cleanse or go on a special diet to get prepared for this epic battle?

I have a coach, Jez Carter. I’m not always good at health stuff, but with him, it’s different. I like how he trains me. I work out, and we also track all the food I eat. We make sure I get enough fruits and veggies by using an app called MyFitnessPal.

Is there an art to getting the judges to love you?

For me, I believe it’s me just being me. I’m already bubbly. I get up there, turn around a few times, dance a little. Wink at them. [Laughs.]

What tips or tricks can you pass along for contestants in terms of attitude?

Just be confident. Be who you are, and have fun with it. It’s a lie if a contestant says she doesn’t want to win. Nobody wants to be a loser, but in the end you just want to say you had fun and you did your best.


2014 Hot 100 winners. | Photo by Tony Tran.

Tell me about the bikini selection process. What factors determine your selection?

I like to wear a really tiny bikini. Wear whatever floats your boat, though, because that is what it takes to win.

What percentage of your body is waxed going into the competition?

I’m lucky—I don’t really have any body hair. I don’t wax at all!

How do you use social media to get votes?

I am on every kind of social media under the sun. Periscope is hot right now; I did a live broadcast and got feedback from all over the world. Once in a while I will do a contest for an autographed 8-by-10 photo or something, I like to engage more as friends and give something back instead of all the time asking, “Will you do me a favor and vote for me?”

Was there an embarrassing moment, such as a wardrobe malfunction or a trip in heels, that has happened during the competition?

[Laughs.] Yes. It happened to me [last year], but hardly anyone saw it. I was trying to walk all sexy, and I missed a step on the stairs between the bathroom and the pool. I went straight down—boom! Boom! Boom! Everybody was really nice; they came over and were like, “Oh no! Are you OK?” And I said, “Actually … can you please vote for me?” Hey! Maybe I should do that again this year!

The Hot 100 is way more than just a beauty pageant. What other doors could winning open for you?

Well, I’m 30. I’m merging my modeling career into music. I had my first DJ gig over Memorial Day weekend in Seattle at a club called Tia Lou. For me, winning would mean networking with the pool people, the music people—hey, maybe I will DJ the Hot 100 someday!

OK: the prize money—what would you do with it?

I was thinking about tuition, maybe going back to school, but I’ve decided I’m going for a music career. So, I will use it to invest in music equipment and to help my parents.

What’s the financial outlay like over the long haul?

It depends on things like doing your own hair and makeup. And travel. I live in L.A.; I leave at 8 a.m., drive to Vegas and then come back home at the end of the day. It adds up, but if you win, obviously it’s worth it.

What does your hubby, Keith Hefner, think of this?

He’s all right with it, supportive; he’s got my back. He just wants me to stay safe.

If you win, what will you tell your grandkids about once being the hottest chick in Las Vegas?

I think my grandkids would be so proud. “Our grandma was in the Hot 100!”

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