Bidding Farewell to Three Venues

Plus: Scott Disick’s common sense and ’Merica’s dignity

Illustration by Cierra Pedro

Illustration by Cierra Pedro

Much like your love of the Terminator franchise, and the blockbuster, sponsored-by-Beelzebub partnership between Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea, and the Chipwich off the Interstate 15/Tropicana exit, it seems that nothing is going to survive this brutal summer.

The first casualty, of course, was the Center Bar, the iconic Hard Rock Hotel space that found late life as billboard space for JBL speakers. (JBL: Hear the truth! And also sort of feel like your happiest memories of long-forgotten rock shows have been co-opted. JBL!) The trendsetting gathering spot wrapped it up June 28 with Vince Neil in the house and vague rumors of the space being transformed into a mixology bar. Finally, someplace in town to pay 16 bucks for a dollar’s worth of rye and promises of spherical ice.

Just before the final shots were poured at Center Bar, SLS announced it was shuttering Life nightclub. Which you know all about from all your friends constantly being all like “I can’t believe they’re closing Life!”; “Where are we going to hang out if Life isn’t around anymore?”; and “Do you think it was a tremendous misstep to obliterate the Sahara brand and convert the entire property to some vague simulacra of a mall themed around L.A. scenesterism?” Your friends are weirdly thoughtful and observant that way.

Now comes word that the Cosmopolitan is turning the lights out at Book & Stage on July 12. Book & Stage was a killer venue five years ago when the Cosmo was still programming music in the space. That windfall of free music for the people ended right around the time Rehan Choudhry decamped the property as director of entertainment and special events to start Life Is Beautiful.

Post-Choudhry, Book & Stage lingered as a lounge with increasingly infrequent music acts; now according to Vegas Eater, it will give way to a new venue from Clique Hospitality, the outfit run by former Light Group CEO Andy Masi. There is virtually no chance of the new spot bringing in Electric Six to do “Gay Bar,” but we’re holding out hope nonetheless.

It’s not only venues that are wilting in the heat, either. Baby-daddy extraordinaire Scott Disick—last seen rolling solo in Vegas at his regular haunt, 1 Oak, on June 26—went and got himself photographed being fed by stylist Chloe Bartoli in Monte Carlo. This clearly didn’t sit well with Kourtney Kardashian, who quickly pulled the plug on the relationship. Way to blow it with the cute one, Scott. It’s not like this was Khloe you were messing around on.

But then there’s the other side of the equation—the side where the tenacity (and DJ skills) of a cockroach come into play: Paris Hilton spent her Fourth of July weekend at Tao with boyfriend Thomas Gross. On America’s birthday itself, Hilton “spun” at Tao Beach, wearing a red, white and blue bikini that would make you question what you ever found appealing about the very idea of America in the first place. Then she played her new single “High Off My Love,” and you concluded that yes, indeed, we were way too hasty about the whole King George III thing.

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