Surf & Turf, Sundaes for Days and Chicago Burgers ’n’ Beers

Peanut butter and jelly glazed donut ice cream sundae at Serendipity 3

Peanut butter and jelly glazed donut ice cream sundae at Serendipity 3

High temperatures don’t mean we have to be relegated to eating light. There are a few heavier dishes that, even in this heat, are in my dining rotation. On the surf and turf tip, STK (in the Cosmopolitan, 702-698-7990) has you covered. Lobster tails are coated in crispy panko bread crumbs for great crunch, and served atop a chilled, but appropriately spicy slaw with pickled chilies, reminiscent of a punchy Thai papaya salad. And though it might be so hot outside you don’t even want to think about a braised short rib, STK will make you reconsider. The boneless hunk of beef doesn’t even require a knife, as it essentially collapses when you press your fork to it. A clean, green apple confit and horseradish cream under the short rib balance out the intense meatiness with texture and heat.

National Ice Cream Day just got … bigger, thanks to Serendipity 3 (in Caesars Palace, 702-731-7373). On July 19, the home of the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate adds a new challenge to its sweet selection: the Peanut Butter and Jelly Glazed Donut Ice Cream Sundae 10-Minute Challenge (we’re guessing they were all out of snappy names that day). Now, before you get all, “Pssh, I can eat that standing on my head!” you might want to consider the magnitude of this potential sugar and lactose overload. It involves three pints of vanilla and strawberry ice cream, one 10-inch glazed doughnut (as opposed to a half dozen regular-size ones?), Oreo bits, chocolate, peanut butter and raspberry sauces, and of course, whipped cream and a cherry on top. Finish this bad boy solo in 10 minutes or less and it’s free. Or, pony up $30 so you can a few friends can take as long as you like to finish, or until your blood sugar is so high your fingers start tingling—whichever comes first.

A burger and a beer is pretty much the perfect pairing for the season, especially when the beer is Goose Island’s Goose IPA from Chicago. Thanks to Hard Rock Café (3771 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 702-733-7265) the hoppy beer with the fruity aroma is also in the burger. The Goose Island Tropical Bacon Burger features a half-pound Angus patty brushed with a glaze made from the IPA. It’s then topped with chili-spiced bacon, grilled pineapple, mango salsa, chipotle puree, cheddar and arugula. The limited-edition burger is available now through August 31—well past when the Dog Days of summer.


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