Firecracker Coleslaw: Cabbage Hits the Gas

PBR_food_FrCrkrColeSlaw_1_webColeslaw has been trying to shed its not-so-favorable image as a paltry, droopy, drippy afterthought, especially when served with something seemingly more delicious as a towering sandwich. ’Slaw’s reputation for being a cloying, distant cousin to the more popular seasonal garden salad is perhaps earned from too much mayonnaise and, certainly, too little creativity. But, PBR Rock Bar & Grill in the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood (702-750-1685, has added some spark to this summery side dish ($6) by adding gasified sugar granules, otherwise known as Pop Rocks.

“I was mulling over the menu when adding Pop Rocks to our coleslaw simply ‘popped’ into my head,” PBR executive chef Yvonne Maatouk says. “We sprinkle the candy over the top of the coleslaw as it is going out to the tables so that diners get a spicy, crackling sensation. I love watching people take that first bite and then burst out in laughter.”


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