Bubba Sparxxx Is Still on the Lookout for Ms. New Booty

Bubba Sparxx

Bubba Sparxx

Warren Anderson “Andy” Mathis—best known as Bubba Sparxx—is known to the mainstream for finding “Ms. New Booty” in the hit radio track, released in 2005, featuring the Ying Yang Twins. Since then, the recording artist has been working on music that fuses his experiences living in rural Southern towns with his passion for hip-hop. A Nashville transplant by way of Atlanta, the country rapper recently spoke with us about his work in the music world since making his heinie-honoring hit. Mathis will perform live and judge the booty-shaking contest at the Flamingo’s Go Pool on August 7.

Ready to chat about booties and your Las Vegas show?

Yes. Booties and Vegas go hand in hand.

About a year ago you said in an interview that you were working on country recordings. How’s that going?

If you trace back the roots of all the hip-hop stuff I did, with pretty much the exception of “Ms. New Booty,” every- thing was very country. I grew up on a farm. I’ve always had country culture present, even in my more traditional hip-hop stuff. I have always just wanted to blend the two worlds together. Even if it wasn’t the instrumentation of country, I always wanted to sort of keep country culture present. I’ve been living in Nashville, so I’ve put out two al- bums that were decidedly country hip-hop.

Are you working on another one now?

I’m probably going to put out a new album, I would say by March. I’m really just starting to work on my newest album. The last few I put out have been in- dependent; even though I did have a distributor, for the most part it was an independent release.

Why go independent?

It gives you more freedom. I’ve kind of done the major-label thing. It’s not really, at this point in my life, where my bread gets buttered, you know?

Are you trying to make radio-appropriate tracks? 

As far as the country- music songwriting that I’m doing, yeah, I’m definitely trying to make stuff that’s viable for country-music radio. But as for my own stuff, there’s not really a radio format for what I’m trying to do, and what I’ve been doing. It’s pretty much Web-based. Hip- hop radio is a certain sound, it’s a certain box that the music has to fit in to really be viable, so that’s just not really what I’m doing now.

And you work with traditional country artists, right?

I did a song with Rodney Atkins, who’s had like six No. 1 records. I just did a song with Lee Bright, who’s also had quite a few No. 1s. Like I said, I’m trying to marry the two worlds more and more, in a way that’s not corny.

Bubba Sparxxx performs live at Haze in 2012.

Bubba Sparxxx performs live at Haze in 2012.

Have you been collaborating with other hip-hop artists as well?

I’m in Nashville right now. That’s pretty much what’s here: country artists. I did the Atlanta thing for a while, and that’s when I did work with the Ying Yang Twins and when I was signed to Outkast’s record label. Now, it’s just kind of a different page in my life, just doing the Nashville thing now. I’m actually a very good country-music writer—traditional country music—so I’ve been working on some of that type of stuff. It’s been going well, so I’m going to stick with it for a while.

You’ll be judging the booty- shaking contest at the Flamingo. What makes for a good booty shake?

It’s really just enthusiasm more than anything. It’s not even about how big a girl’s butt is, or how it’s shaped, or any of that. It’s about the enthusiasm level, and the twerking process. That’s what I’m going to have my eyes peeled for.

Ideally, though, what does the perfect booty look like? 

I don’t really like too huge a butt. I just like supple, well shaped, not- too-firm-but-just-firm- enough. And just the right amount of “poke- out.” I don’t like it to be too drastic, but just a real good, solid apple shape.

So a girl’s got to be getting her squats in before this, huh?


What if a guy wants to get up there? Would he have a fighting chance at winning?

I don’t necessarily get into the “Mr. New Booty” thing. But I’ve definitely had guys get up there and throw their names in the hat. I encourage everybody to come up and have a good time.