Ronnie Vannucci Jr. Goes ‘Straight’ in Big Talk’s Sophomore Release

big_talk_straight_in_no_kissinWith Straight In No Kissin’, Big Talk proves itself as an offshoot worthy of playing on the main stage. In his side project, Killers’ skin-slapper Ronnie Vannucci Jr. ditches his drum kit for six strings and a microphone. And while his guitar playing isn’t as magnificent as his drumming, the 39-year-old makes up for it with catchy power-pop numbers and a lively vocal performance reminiscent of Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo. The album is full of huge, anthemic hooks, such as in lead single, “What Happened to Delisa?” Vannucci Jr. and company channel the playful vigor of the Ramones in “Hold That Line,” and enter noise rock territory with an abrasive, feedback-ridden guitar solo in “All My Lovin’.” “Animal Husband” possesses just the right amount of poppiness to be a radio smash while retaining the rock ’n’ roll swagger the frontman is known to exemplify. In summation, this is an impressive, well-rounded sophomore effort that’ll sit comfortably in the Las Vegas music canon. (Little Oil Records) ★★★✩✩

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