Apps Make Booking Next-Level Luxury a Snap

iPhone 2

For the indulgent nightlife consumer, booking extravagant trips just became easier. Want to secure your preferred VIP table at your favorite nightclub or charter a private jet with special features to suite your lifestyle? There’s an app for that. Three, actually.


In addition to booking private air travel, this “Uber of private jets” allows users to request and compare price quotes on private planes between destinations, with an option to list specific requests, such as pet accommodations. There is also a search feature for jets with “empty legs,” which is when an aircraft is returning to a city with no passengers, affording the PJ enthusiast with a discounted flight at the last minute.


This online private jet broker allows customers to name and actually negotiate their prices when chartering airplanes. It relays open reservation times from private jet corporations and from private owners with aircrafts for hire. It also lists empty leg routes, ensuring an exhaustive selection of airliners for the picking.


Once the transportation to Las Vegas is booked, Tablelist takes over, securing nightlife entertainment aspect of a trip in a variety of locations. This app books VIP bottle service for nearby nightclubs—down to the exact date, choice of alcohol and table location within the nightclub. The app claims to eliminate the fuss and line at the door of the nightclubs. It also offers a point system wherein app users can redeem credit for more bottles, black cars or private jets.