TruFusion Stretches Its Reach

The popular workout studio is expanding, in Las Vegas and beyond

Hot barre class at TruFusion

Hot barre class at TruFusion

My skin is sleek with sweat. My heart is pounding so hard it feels like it will burst. One of the men, I don’t know his name, takes off his shirt and gyrates his hips in unison with mine. I bend over into a half forward fold while rapidly popping my hips up and down to the beat of the music.

“Three, two and one!” Martin Hinton yells over the volume.

A group of about 60 of us are left panting, standing in puddles of our own perspiration, groping for our water bottles. This isn’t the Green Door or Omnia. This is TruFusion.

Since opening in October 2013, the workout studio has garnered a following. In one day, more than 700 people walk through its doors for one or more (usually more) of their 185 classes. Its members call themselves the TruTribe. Now, the TruTribe is going global.

By early 2016, TruFusion will open its second location in Downtown Summerlin, one of eight planned locations to open in Nevada in the coming year. They’re also looking at bringing the TruFusion model to other US cities and Europe.

“If you want to do a hot yoga class, you have to join a yoga studio. If you want to do TRX, you have to join a gym,” says Jonathan Fornaci, the new president of TruFusion who was brought on to help with franchising. “There’s no one place that had all genres together.”

It’s not just the variety of classes that makes TruFusion unique. It’s that they also offer classes you can’t find anywhere else, created by their talented instructors. There’s the more traditional practices, such as hot yoga and pilates, and then there’s the ones like Down ‘n Dirty Barefoot Bootcamp, where twerking is considered a workout move.

“It’s like a really healthy rave,” says Hinton, one of the founding instructors who developed the class. The rave-like quality turns a really hard workout into a fun dance party, where you can almost forget about your clothes drenched in sweat.

For Hinton and others of the TruTribe, TruFusion has a deeper meaning than a place to do downward dog with a health bar for smoothies and vegan snacks. “It’s about starting a practice. All the classes have a sense of ceremony to them,” he says. “So many people feel shame about their bodies. Here there’s no judgment.”

TruFusion is hiring for hot barre, yoga and aerial yoga instructors. For more information or to apply, contact them through their website.

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