How to Get a Very Vegas Gig

Kaskade hits XS on fight night. | Photo by Danny Mahoney.

Kaskade hits XS on fight night. | Photo by Danny Mahoney.

The Las Vegas definition of a “profession” can be a bit eccentric—aerialist, go-go dancer, VIP host, atmosphere model. But it’s still difficult to get certain jobs without experience. Luckily, you can find specialized training for the Vegas gig of your dreams so you’ll be making tips in no time. Hey, it beats standing on Las Vegas Boulevard with a Zorro mask and a sword.


The dealer may be one of the most iconic Vegas professions next to its showgirls. Students receive accredited training at the Crescent School of Gaming in three to 30 weeks, depending on the program. Tuition for gaming courses range from $2,300 for one-game programs to $10,950 for the comprehensive eight-game program, and financial aid is available. Crescent also offers bartending and beverage management courses. New classes start weekly and monthly. 4180 S. Sandhill Rd., 203-458-9910,

Flair Bartender

Once every three months, Las Vegas Flair Academy hosts a two-day course for bartending students to hone their flair skills, because everybody knows that cocktails taste that much better garnished with juggling, stalls and bumps. A team of industry professionals from all over the world offer one-on-one and group training to students of all skill levels. Each two-day course costs $199, with just 30 students per course. 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. 702-372-6456,


The newest of the very Vegas professions is of course the DJ, and everyone and their goldfish is trying to make it onto an I-15 billboard. Get a leg up on the competition a by receiving one-on-one turntable training from a professional instructor at Blend DJ Institute. Along with DJ training, instructors also teach production courses, where students can make their own music at Blend’s on-site studio. Each course meets for six, one-hour sessions with flexible scheduling. $540, 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Tue-Sat, 5165 S. Fort Apache Rd., 702-550-4492,