Keller Gathers His Troops, Sheridan Su Cries Fowl and District One Serves Up A Dessert Spot

Thomas Keller

Photo by Sabin Orr

Finally, chef Thomas Keller gathered all of his casual-dining chefs de cuisine from New York to Beverly Hills at Bouchon in the Venetian on August 3 to create a special Provençal diner. It was an amazing feast that began with a passed canapés reception and then progressed to a three-course seated dinner. Keller tells me that it’s important for him to stage events like this for his team members that rarely get to work together. “It’s really about making sure they bond as a group of young chefs who not only work for me, but work in our profession. What we try to do with our generation and the generations that follow is make that level of camaraderie; building those relationships throughout the profession that will help elevate the standards of our entire profession. Because communication, collaboration and the idea of sharing what we do are the most important things.” To help bridge the gap between the generations, Keller asked legendary chef Christian Delouvrier to join his team for the event.

Meanwhile, Downtown, Sheridan Su is preparing to open a second restaurant. The chef has worked at high-end establishments like Joël Robuchon and Çomme a, but has also run a food truck and a hair salon food counter that was featured in The New York Times. He currently holds court at Fat Choy in the Eureka Casino. But his new place, Flock & Fowl, will be located on the other side of Sahara Avenue, in the same strip mall that houses the Golden Steer steakhouse. The tiny 12-seater will have a minimal menu, specializing in Taiwanese chicken and rice. But other poultry dishes will be offered as daily specials. The main dish will feature free-range chicken served with rice that’s been cooked with lemongrass, ginger and garlic, accompanied by three sauces. Su has yet to confirm when his new spot will open.

Finally, still very much cloaked in secrecy are details about Khai Vu and Crystina Nguyen’s new frozen dessert spot. The District One owners aren’t ready to announce the exact location just yet, but they did tell me it will be called Taste LV. Nguyen assures us it will be a Chinatown, so you won’t have to go far to try both spots.


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