Dawes Serenades Their Lovers and Friends

The Sayers Club in SLS, Aug. 8

Dawes | Photo by Tony Tran

Dawes | Photo by Tony Tran

The quartet from Los Angeles appeared as a five-piece and delivered a set so large and so full, the Sayers Club’s tiny stage could barely contain it. Dawes played 18 cuts of its warm, Americana-soaked folk rock (and they threw in two covers, for good measure). Singer/guitarist Taylor Goldsmith was reminiscent of a young Bob Dylan, complete with a worn down Fender Telecaster, wrinkled collared shirt and unkempt hair. During an extended jam session in “Don’t Send Me Away,” he rocked back and forth and leapt. His brother, Griffin, viciously attacked the drums, fighting through the noise, and bassist Wylie Gelber held down the low end while looking like a character straight out of That ’70s Show. Oddly enough, the highlight of the night was at the beginning with a singalong of “Things Happen.” Sometimes we’re lovers / Sometimes we’re friends, he sang. That night, we became a little bit of both. ★★★★✩­

Set List

Things Happen
Don’t Send Me Away
Somewhere Along the Way
Coming Back to a Man
Bear Witness
My Girl to Me
My Way Back Home
Right On Time
From a Window Seat
To Be Completely Honest
If I Wanted Someone
Fisherman’s Blues (The Waterboys cover)
I Can’t Think About It Now
A Little Bit of Everything
Most People
When My Time Comes
From the Right Angle
Big Shot (Billy Joel cover)
Time Spent in Los Angeles
All Your Favorite Bands

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