Get Ludacris With Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim

Matt and Kim

Brooklyn indie pop duo Matt and Kim are slated to play Foxtail Pool Aug. 13 as part of the Road to Life Is Beautiful concert series, an event put on by Vegas Seven’s parent company WENDOH Media. We chatted with singer/keyboard player Matt Johnson about shooting a music video in Vegas, the band’s upcoming show and future collaborations.

What can fans expect at your show at Foxtail?

When it comes to shows, our general policy is to get weird. It’s funny how so many bands that fall into the indie spectrum are known to just stand, stare and play their instruments. Me and Kim like to bring enough figurative and literal balloons to each show. We have no qualms about sticking a Ludacris song in the middle of one of our singles. We just try to have the most fun as two people possibly can, and that energy seems to translate to the audience. Also, that show is one of our lighting guys’ birthday, so we’ve got to take care of some business.

You guys are known for your creative videos and DIY approach. Have you ever thought about filming a video in Las Vegas?

It’s funny that you bring that up, because we once shot a video coming home from tour, where it was us dancing in all sorts of places across the country. We filmed a lot in Las Vegas on this outdoor escalator right in the middle of the strip. We never finished it, and around the same time, there was this dude on [The Today Show] who did a similar thing. He filmed himself just going places and dancing, so it would seem like we ripped off that idea. I wish I could find that footage. Maybe we’ll take the same concept and film it worldwide.

What’s next for Matt and Kim? Is new music on the horizon?

We’re going to be doing lots of traveling. We’re playing some radio festivals and we’ve got a tour in the fall in the UK with Fall Out Boy.  And yeah, definitely some new music. I fucking love making music and collaborating. I want to do it all the time!

Who would you like to collaborate with in the future?

We actually had plans to make a song with [Weezer’s] Rivers Cuomo. We went into the studio and worked on a song for a day, but it never got finished. I’ve had such a history with Weezer’s music, and I’ve loved them since I was 11 years old. Hearing my voice and his on the same song, I remember thinking, “Fuck!” Hopefully we can finish that [collaboration] in the future.

We did a song through Converse with Soulja Boy and Andrew W.K. called “I’m A Goner.” We also shot a music video for it.

We’re all into partying in our own ways, and I’m so psyched on how it came out. Things like that are so much fun to do because in the indie world, those [collaborations] are so rare. Hopefully we get to do more of that in the future.

Matt and Kim

7p.m. Aug. 13, Foxtail Pool at SLS, $20,

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