Black Camaro’s Sophomore Album Gets a Facelift


To completely understand Hang Glider 2025, you need some context: According to the veteran local band’s Bandcamp page, it’s a “remixed and actually mastered” version of its 2005 sophomore effort, Hang Glider. The band celebrates the album’s 10th anniversary “sans the lazy mistakes and gratuitous secret tracks recorded when they were young and naive.” Essentially, it’s the same album delivered in a shiny new package. And it sounds great. The re-master adds a new depth to the album—the triumphant trumpets in “Apple Core” sound big and bright, and the playful xylophones in “RE: The Sun” ring crisply in the song’s multilayered instrumental madness. Singer/guitarist Brian Garth’s vocals are more pronounced—especially in the Modest Mouse-esque ballad, “Where the Glider Flies.” And the charging riff of  “Shit and Champagne” hits harder than ever.

Unfortunately, though, the album chronicles a time when the band was still struggling to find its sound, and it lacks cohesion as a result. The punk fury of “Black Jenny” does not meld well with the indie sing-along of “Put That Bottle Down.” Neither does the neo-pyschedelia of “Karaoke Killed the Colonel” mesh with the folk flair of “Rendezvous.”  But this is where the amusement of nostalgia kicks in; listeners are transported to a time when Black Camaro was in its infancy. It’s like revisiting the demo tapes of a band destined for greatness. (Self-released) ★★★✩✩­

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