What You’ll Be Eating at Desert Hops

Holstein's will serve up sliders at Desert Hops.

Holsteins will serve Asian-style ahi sliders at Desert Hops.

If you’re like most of us, you have two hands: one for beer and the other for snacks, which you will need if you aim to make it through the Desert Hops International Beer Festival (Aug. 22, DesertHops.com) on two feet. In addition to the 150 international brews from the Southern Wine & Spirits portfolio, three Cosmopolitan restaurants—China Poblano, Holsteins and Jaleo—will be fueling you up for the fight in the dining area of the Boulevard Pool, near the stage. And save room for the free Not Your Father’s Root Beer (actual beer) floats for dessert.

Here is what’s on the menu.

Rou Jia Mo sandwich from China Poblano.


For a quick salty snack to cleanse the palate, go for the crispy fried lotus root chips ($3). But if you need something more filling, try the Rou Jia Mo street sandwich with braised pork ($4), the refried bean taco ($4) with black beans, tomato, habanero salsa and requesón (ricotta cheese), or the grilled chicken taco ($5), topped with guacamole and scallions.


Holsteins slidersHOLSTEINS 

The Cosmo’s burger joint will miniaturize two of its most popular dishes as sliders, served two per order: classic beef topped with American cheese, grilled onion, tomato and Thousand Island dressing ($8.50), and ahi tuna topped with Asian slaw, marinated cucumbers and chili mayo ($10.50).


Pair those Spanish beers—or any beers, really—with delicious Spanish tapas, including Bocata de Butifarra, a traditional Catalan sausage sandwich served on pan de cristal (glass bread) with aoli and grilled veggies ($10), or Bocata de Verduras, a seasonal roasted veggie sandwich with San Simon cheese and romesco sauce on a pan de cristal ($10). Add José’s potato chips for $5.

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