Get Ready For the Hotwives of Las Vegas

Faker than silicone: the Hotwives skewer the Housewives and Sin City. | Photo by Doug Hyun.

Faker than silicone: the Hotwives skewer the Housewives and Sin City. | Photo by Doug Hyun.

It’s been nearly 10 years since the Real Housewives of Orange County debuted on Bravo. In that time, the catfight-fueled franchise has expanded into New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Beverly Hills and Miami (let’s agree to forget D.C.), introducing us to dozens of larger-than-life domestic goddesses with unquenchable thirsts for cocktails, drama and handsome men.

While Las Vegas has never received the Real treatment (let’s also agree to forget TLC’s disastrous effort, Sin City Rules), we’re about to be the subject of the latest Housewives spoof: the Hotwives of Las Vegas, a seven-episode series premiering August 18 on Hulu.

Created by comedy writers Dannah Phirman and Danielle Schneider, the scripted parody follows in the high-heeled footsteps of last year’s Hotwives of Orlando, amalgamating women from every Housewives city and nodding to their real-life woes, while making them all the more outrageous.

“Danielle and I are both fans of [Real Housewives],” Phirman says. “We love to watch it and go, ‘Oh that’s crazy. You know what would be just a tiny step crazier? This.’ We just watch it and see what we can grab on to.”

Hotwife Jenfer (Casey Wilson) tries to make it as a showgirl. | Photo by Doug Hyun

Hotwife Jenfer (Casey Wilson) tries to make it as a showgirl. | Photo by Doug Hyun

To their credit, Phirman and Schneider have injected some uniquely Las Vegas flavor into this season. Among the eight Hotwives is the Carolyn Goodman-inspired “First Lady,” whose former husband was the mayor. Another cast member is an ex-showgirl, and another is married to the most popular performer on the Strip, a “bubble artist” named Vance Storm. (Here’s hoping bubble art becomes a thing.) While the bulk of the action was shot in Los Angeles, the cast spent three days scouting and filming at the Westgate Las Vegas in April.

Most of the actresses from Orlando have returned and are playing new characters (see below), with the exception of Tymberlee Hill, who is back as fan favorite Phe Phe (a cross between Real Housewives of Atlanta’s NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks). Guest stars include Orlando alum Kristen Schaal and Keegan Michael-Key (Key & Peele) as the spotlight-starved, Hotwife-hopping man candy, Ace, who causes major conflict among the women. And, befitting the Housewives franchise, Ace is only the beginning of the drama …

“There’s a big blowup over a chair and who’s going to sit in the chair,” Phirman says. “It ends up being called ‘Chair-nobyl.’ It’s big stuff. Important, heavy stuff.”

Just the kind of “heavy stuff” we’d expect from the Real Housewives.

The Hotwives of Las Vegas premieres August 18 on

Background Check

Meet the cast and their Hotwives personas

casey_wilson_WEBCasey Wilson … as the manners-challenged mom-to-be Jenfer (not Jennifer) Beudon.

You know her from … starring roles in ABC’s Happy Endings, NBC’s Marry Me and two seasons of
Saturday Night Live.


danielle_schneider_WEBDanielle Schneider … as recent divorcee Denise Funt, formerly the “most covered-up showgirl” in town.

You know her from … writing credits that include Marry Me and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 with her writing partner Dannah Phirman. Schneider also appeared in Step Brothers, Community and voiced characters for Celebrity Deathmatch.


dannah_phirman_WEBDannah Phirman … as Leona Carpeze, a middle-aged strip club owner with a loud mouth and a heart of gold.

You know her from … co-starring in Adult Swim’s Newsreaders, voicing the young protagonist on CBS’ WordGirl and one season
of MADtv.


angela_kinsey_WEBAngela Kinsey … as “First Lady” Stephanie, the entitled and arrogant wife of the former “mayor of the Strip.”

You know her from … playing uptight and aloof accountant Angela Martin on The Office.


tymberlee_hill_WEBTymberlee Hill … as Phe Phe Reed, an Orlando Hotwives transplant trying to re-reinvent herself in Las Vegas.

You know her fromMarry Me and Grey’s Anatomy, and appearances in the hilariously twisted re-enactments on Comedy Central’s Drunk History.


erinn_hayes_WEBErinn Hayes … as Callie Silversan, a divorced witch and sister to the famous Vance Storm: Bubble Artist.

You know her from … Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital and guest appearances in Parks & Recreation, Workaholics
and Parenthood.



Andrea Savage … as Ivanka Silversan, an aging model and stage mom married to Vance Storm.

You know her from … supporting roles in Showtime’s Episodes, Step Brothers, Dinner for Schmucks and the Funny or Die series Bathroom Conversations. –CC

You Can’t Make This S@#! Up

What the Hotwives have in common with the Real Housewives

The overdue date.

Hotwife Jenfer lies about her pregnancy to hide the fact that she cheated with Ace while he was still with the First Lady. Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Phaedra Parks—a lawyer—fudged her due date to cover a conception out of wedlock. C’mon, ladies, everybody knows how to count backward from nine … or do they?


The biggest fight of the season recalls an infamous Real furniture incident in which New Jersey’s Teresa Giudice (currently incarcerated on unrelated charges) flipped a table (and plates of pasta) on the unsuspecting Danielle Staub, calling her a “prostitution whore!”

Book envy.

The Hotwives’ jealousy runs wild when they each release a memoir at the same time. In Real Housewives of New York’s “#Bookgate,” Aviva Drescher got frustrated writing her book, Leggy Blonde, and started a rumor that castmate Carol Radziwill used a ghostwriter for her memoir. Drescher later threw her prosthetic leg at a party. And then she was fired from the show.

She’s a real witch.

Callie Silversan’s obscure religious practices are based on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Carlton Gebbia, a pentagram-obsessed Wiccan who mysteriously “disappeared” from the show after one season.

The strip-club baby shower.

It’s the way Jenfer welcomes her bundle of joy, and it’s perhaps the only idea better than the “strip club/car wash” business model thought up by Caroline Manzo’s son, Chris, on Real Housewives of New Jersey. Sadly, Chris’ plan never made it past the “research” phase. –CC

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