Same Sex Mary Go Psychedelic, Marion Write and Toxsikk Don’t Funk Up the Beat

Listen to the latest releases from local artists. In this week’s edition: Rockers Same Sex Mary take a psychedelic turn, rappers Marion Write and Toxsikk earn finalist slots in a national contest and Ol’ Green Eyes gives us a creepy banger.

Same Sex Mary – The Second Coming [Stream]

Shifting from a more folky sound, the quintet goes psychedelic on their latest outing, The Second Coming. The trip fades in and out, jolting from lively freak-outs such as “Get High” and coming down to indie-grounded cuts such as “I Don’t Wanna Wait.” They even bring in a “choir” to close out “Do No Good,” singing in unison: If I were rich I would do no good, take everything I wanted, take anything I could. The video for the song, which snagged first place at the Las Vegas Film Festival Music Video Lab, just dropped, too. Watch the video and stream the album below.

Marion Write – “The Last” / Toxsikk – “Two Timin'” [Videos]

Among the top 27 finalists in record label Funk Volume and’s nationwide Don’t Funk Up Our Beats contest are two of Las Vegas’ own. No strangers to this column, rappers Marion Write and Toxsikk deliver some of their hardest verses in their respective submissions. Toxsikk lets loose a 90-second barrage of bars, showcasing his lyrical prowess and sandpapery delivery. Meanwhile, Marion Write takes a more creative approach than many of his competitors, coming up with a visual treatment—shot in Downtown Las Vegas and edited within 10 hours—to accompany his entry. Hustle hard, I could sell white power to a racist / Put white powder to his face, sniff a little hatred, he raps. If Tox or Marion don’t win, then it’s rigged. Watch their videos below.

Ol’ Green Eyes – “Candyman” [Free download]

Ask and you shall receive. The last time I heard from Ben Harris aka Ol’ Green Eyes, it was on club track “Dat Ass Doe.” I didn’t feel the beat and hook as much as I did his spitfire delivery and asked to see what else he could do. He strikes back with this creepy banger. Inspired by the ’90s slasher flick, he goes in over a CRNKN beat with a neck-breaking staccato. Listen to the track below.

Zoneil Maharaj spends a lot of time on the Internet as Vegas Seven’s engagement editor. Send him stuff to listen to at Follow him at @zoneil.


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