South of Town Takes Aim at Accidental Violence

sean_russell_south_of_town_WEBYou can almost hear the crack of gunshots going off in the Clark County Government Center Rotunda Gallery. The pockmarked ceramic orbs on display for Sean Russell’s exhibit South of Town, are the kiln-baked records of various firearms being fired into blocks of wet clay. Large-scale photographs littered with the debris of tin cans, cardboard boxes, beer bottles and the scarred backside of a mannequin provide the exhibit with the landscape that inspired the show: an undesignated shooting area about five miles south of city limits. The popular shooting spot is an open stretch of scrubby dessert that invites a spirit of lawlessness.

Titles quipping “Take Care, Talk Soon,” “Nevermind” and “Definitely Be Happy” suggest the nonchalant banter between shooters, somewhat jarring when paired with Russell’s records of ballistic impact. The correlation between lumps of clay and human flesh is inescapable. From an assortment of smaller bullet holes to a vessel blasted wide open, the viewer experiences the record of the wound with a small involuntary shudder.

South Of Town

Through Sept. 11 at Clark County Rotunda Gallery, 500 S. Grand Central Pkwy,

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