Ignismei’s Metal Licks Transcend Beyond the Silence

Upon hearing the tribal drums and syncopated riffing of opening track “Silent Betrayal,” it’s clear that Ignismei‘s Beyond the Silence is inspired by thrash metal’s Big Four. On its latest effort, the local metal quartet takes the heavy grooves and menacing chugs of such greats as Megadeth and Metallica and presents them in a modern, more accessible fashion. In fact, singer/guitarist Emaan Omega’s vocals above the driving rhythms of “Damaged Deceiver” sound just like Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine. That’s not to say that the band is simply a throwback, however: Omega’s vocal chops and Fabio Benavides’ melodic guitar riffs are reminiscent of Killswitch Engage, especially on album closer “Fading.”

This wouldn’t be a proper thrash metal release without a few guitar solos, and luckily, every track has one. I’m particularly fond of the extended instrumental interlude-turned-screeching-guitar solo in “Insurgo.” All in all, Beyond the Silence is a concise, cohesive collection of heavy tunes that should be on every local (and hopefully national) metalheads’ radar. (Self-released) ★★★★✩