Clean Up For Fall At CRSVR

Photo courtesy of CRSVR

Photo courtesy of CRSVR

Don’t simply gawk from the outside like the hundreds of people waiting in line for Marquee. Go in and check out the offerings at DJ Vice’s recently rebranded sneaker and apparel boutique CRSVR (read: Crossover), which now has a new logo and merchandise for fall.

Vice says the rebrand was an effort to introduce fresh products to the retailer, which opened its second location in Las Vegas in 2010. Labels such as Public School, Asics, Daniel Patrick and Filling Pieces are now prominent.

For fall, Vice recommends a Public School outfit and shoes from Filling Pieces, along with some items from CRSVR’s signature apparel line. You’ll walk out of CRSVR with swag you can’t get anywhere else on the Strip, but if you bump into Justin Bieber or one of the Kardashians, we can’t promise they won’t be wearing the same thing. In the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas; 702-698-7605;

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