Five Questions With DJ Five


DJ Five has rocked the room at Tao since 2006. We asked him five questions—it’s only fitting, right?

How did you land your Tao residency?

Initially, they offered to book me and OB-one [in 2005]. We were in a contract with Palms at the time, so we couldn’t do it. But Jason [Strauss, managing partner] brought me in a year later.

What’s your favorite part about DJing there?

For as long as the club’s been open, Thursdays have always been poppin’. I always walk into a packed club, and it’s always so tight. I get the freedom to program and play whatever I want. My playlist is constantly changing, so I get a kick out of making new sets pretty often.

How has the musical experience changed over the years?

When we first opened, it was more open format—DJs were playing Top 40, rock and a little hip-hop. After a few years, EDM boomed and we started playing more hip-hop. Now sets are heavy on hip-hop, trap and EDM.

How will that evolution continue in the future?

EDM is not going anywhere. But open format is coming back, and hip-hop is gonna come even stronger. Clubs are gonna get smaller. We’ve got a lot of big clubs in Vegas, and I see small parties poppin’ off on the Strip all the time. It’s gonna be just like L.A. and New York, with a bunch of small but poppin’ parties.

What is your most memorable moment spinning at Tao?

Oh, man, too many! Right before the whole EDM boom, we had Calvin Harris, and nobody was checking on him. I ended up opening for him and giving him props at a time when I wasn’t playing much EDM. We had Kim Kardashian’s birthday, and Kanye was there. The next day, somebody from his camp hit me up and said, “Hey, Kanye was feeling what you were playing. You might get a call from him!” That never happened, but it’s cool to know I was on his radar at one point.