Get to Know DJ LC, One of Marquee’s Leading Ladies


Laura Cavender works the decks as DJ LC, a returning champion of Las Vegas nightlife with a handful of shows already under her belt. The former fitness model and Lingerie Football League athlete now spends her days producing and mixing music for megaclubs such as Marquee, where she will return to Marquee Dayclub on September 10. Find out how she got into the lucrative game of Strip nightlife DJing, what inspires her and how she feels about being a model turned DJ.

How did you get started with Marquee?

It was one of my favorite clubs. When I got to play there, I was just like, “Finally, hard work pays off.” This is just where I wanted to be. This was the club where I wanted to be.

When they first opened, I showed them a mixtape or a CD or something, and I was like, “Yeah, I want to come DJ here.” They ended up following me on Instagram or Facebook and all those social media [channels]. [One day], they were like, “We’ve followed you for the past few years, and we finally think you’re ready.” If I would not have formally introduced myself, I don’t think the chance would’ve [presented itself].

Describe your music-making process.

I work on Ableton. I mostly just put a foundation of some [track], and I’ll work on it for weeks or months. I’ll go back to it, and just keep going back until it ends up [finished]. It grows to be something. Treat it like a baby, and if it’s ready then it’s ready, you know? I don’t give anything a time [constraint]. Some things are finished in 12 hours, and some tracks take 100 hours.

What about inspiration?

Getting new sounds really inspires me. Diplo inspires me a lot. Every time I hear one of his tracks I get excited. I like that he’s been in movies, in party scenes. He deserves it so much.

Which movie?

In 22 Jump Street he performs at a beach party somewhere. [His scene depicted] the new generation of kids—the 18-to-[20-something-year-old] kids who are just starting to party. What’s cool about that age is they’re not judging the music or anything. They’re not hardcore. They’re into everything. They just want to have fun with the music and experience what’s fun about spring break.

I love spring break!

Right? Everyone’s getting drunk for the first time and they’re just out there to be with their friends. It’s not serious; it’s just a great time. Panama City, Florida, is awesome for spring break. I actually played with Lil Jon there. He was awesome.

How so?

He’s smart and he knows how to play the industry. And when he does his set, he’ll do trap, hip-hop, commercial—he really [plays] a wide span of everything.

Are you still involved in modeling or the Lingerie Football League?

I was in the Lingerie Football League in 2009-10. I was a quarterback and safety for Los Angeles. It was seven-on-seven tackle. I was in Muscle & Fitness, I used to do figure and fitness competitions, and I’ve been in 40 international magazines for fitness.

I shy away from [talking about] modeling because I want people to know that I am serious about music, you know? There’s a fine line for promoting yourself in the right way. [People assume], “Oh, she can’t play music.”

Did you know that you’re one of only two female headliners on Marquee’s lineup in September? Some clubs don’t have any women the entire month.

It’s been a male-dominated industry, and over the past few years I haven’t seen that many women get into it. But I know there are so many badass girls.