Joanna Baumann Has a Dress for Every Occasion

Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Joanna is wearing a Diane von Furstenberg dress, UNOde50 and The Jewelers of Las Vegas jewelry, BCBG shoes. Photo by Krystal Ramirez

Joanna Baumann

Director of marketing and public relations, iHeartMedia Las Vegas

Describe your personal style.

I am a dresses-and-skirts kind of girl all day, every day. I had to kick my husband’s stuff out of the master closet and turn that one into a “dresses only” closet, I have so many. People look confused if I show up wearing jeans because that is just not me. I love wearing anything with floral print and has a romantic feel to it. I love color.

You work in music. Which artist has the best style?

If I could raid anyone’s wardrobe, it would be Katy Perry’s. She is the queen of floral and lives in color. Everything she wears shows off her curves and screams that she’s proud to be feminine at all times, and she does it with this out-of-this-world confidence. I admire that so much. She wears the clothes; the clothes never wear her.

What is your perfect concert outfit?

It will definitely depend on the artist. I am a girly-girl, so I play dress-up when I attend shows. It’s fun for me to pick out an outfit for a show I’m attending because I can wear stuff I wouldn’t during the workweek. If I’m headed to an indie show or festival, a flower crown is my signature look. For a country show, I’ll rock a more bohemian outfit with a flowy skirt and boots. If I’m headed to a hip-hop concert, it’s going to be a little sexier, with a lower-cut front and fierce heels.

Where do you go in Vegas for fashion inspiration?

I’m inspired by old Vegas glamour. When I got married in 2014, I wanted to look like a modern-day Priscilla Presley and how she looked when she married Elvis at the Aladdin Hotel. I pull inspiration from multiple places around town. I have found some of my best pieces at thrift stores, like a vintage ’70s white fur jacket or a green sequin dress from the ’80s.

You’re originally from Chicago. How does the style there compare to Las Vegas?

I love living in Las Vegas so much because this city embraces style and welcomes glam, which I really appreciate. Chicago is way too preppy for me. In Chicago, girls would shop at the typical preppy, plain-Jane-type stores. I shopped boutique city stores to find items that no one else had. Vegas is where I can let the glam shine and really rock it. I love Chicago for its pizza; I love Vegas for its style!

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