It’s Raining Festivals, Get Your Ink On

Thursday, Sept. 17

UNLV is a linchpin in this town, and its direction concerns us all. So consider being in the audience when UNLV President Len Jessup delivers his first state of the university address, 2:30 p.m. at UNLV’s Judy Bayley Theatre. There’s no substitute for face time.

tattoo_WEBFriday, Sept. 18

If you’re going to have a tattoo show, might as well make it the Biggest Tattoo Show on Earth. More than 40,000 expected attendees, 1,000-plus tattoo artists, celebrities, parties … it’ll probably live up to its name. Might be time to get your ink on. 4 p.m. today through Sunday at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Saturday, Sept. 19

Even when it isn’t 100 degrees out, Las Vegas is a melting pot. We’ve got folks from all over the world here, and the Las Vegas Culture Fest celebrates that diversity with a big party on Fremont Street. You’ll find live music and local restaurants dishing out everything from Creole to Korean. 11 a.m. to midnight today and Sunday.

brazil_WEBSunday, Sept. 20

Speaking of festivals, Brazilians love good food, good music and a good time, all of which will be in abundance at the Brazilian Outdoor Festival, 4 p.m. at the Fort Apache Commons Mall, 1225 S. Ft. Apache Rd. It’s your best bet for seeing fire-breathers, we think.

Monday, Sept. 21

Kickbacks. Secrecy. Match fixing. Las Vegas boxing in the ’50s? Nope. We’re talking present-day soccer. The global FIFA scandal rocked “the beautiful game,” and the Mob Museum now has a display that will help you make sense of it. It’s a forceful reminder of the many shapes of organized crime. Through Jan. 1.

Tuesday, Sept. 22

Sometimes it takes a poet to explain the world around us. Poet (and novelist) R.M. Ryan considers American society and the military in his book, There’s a Man With a Gun Over There, a unique reflection on what it means to serve from a veteran’s point of view. He’ll be reading from the autobiographical novel at UNLV’s Barrick Museum at 7:30 p.m.

brain_WEBWednesday, Sept. 23

Forgetting things? Balance not what it used to be? Aging happens to us all, but it can be difficult to determine if your “senior moments” are just that or something to be concerned about. That’s why the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is providing free balance and memory screenings from 1 to 4 p.m. in recognition of National Fall Prevention Day.

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