Red Dragon Industry Party Swoops Back In For One Night Only

Lucky Foo's | Photo by Anthony Mair

Lucky Foo’s | Photo by Anthony Mair

The original crew behind Red Dragon—the late ’90s industry party at China Grill in Mandalay Bay—will bring the party back to Las Vegas for a one-night throwback blowout on Thanksgiving Eve, November 25, at Lucky Foo’s Sushi, Cocktails & Kitchen in Henderson.

Heading up the comeback are OG Red Dragon squad members Michael Fuller and Rosine Zelicskovics (née Frangie). Fuller, today a managing partner of Lucky Foo’s and owner of marketing consultancy Moving Sun, is also one of the original developers and partners of the inaugural 1998 party. Frangie, now the director of development and major gifts for ACLU of Nevada, also comes from a professional nightlife and hospitality background that began with Light Group in 2003, and remembers Red Dragon as one of the original patrons of the weekly event.

Although much of the original crew has moved on since the end of the party series in the early 2000s, the plan is to reassemble for one more night of old-school fun. This party is currently invite-only, so if you were known to have slayed the Red Dragon a time or two, keep an eye on your inbox in the coming months.

Of the venue selection for Red Dragon 2015, Fuller says, “When we built Lucky Foo’s, it was originally called Dragon Grill and the logo actually paid homage to the original logo that we built for Red Dragon. A lot of the concepts and undertones inside of the space are actually attributed to what we did with Red Dragon. [It] is perfect to house [the] event. We took the DNA from Red Dragon and put it in Lucky Foo’s.”

“When you say ‘Red Dragon Wednesday Nights at China Grill,’ you think of the amazing house music. You think of the way everybody used to dress up. People would go there to see the people who were working, but [also] to be part of that whole scene,” Frangie says, reminiscing. “It was unlike anything that’s happening in Vegas at the time.”