When Can I Unpack My Fall Clothes?


I moved to Las Vegas in June. When can I unpack my fall clothes?

All these weather questions suggest I should have been a weatherman. But then I’d have to learn words such as “thunderboomies” and catchphrases like “Mostly sunny!” With all due respect to Eric Randall and Nate Tannenbaum, I’ll stick to answering your questions.

Yes, your friends back in Wherever, USA, are already posting #cutefallstyle selfies wearing peacoats and mittens, but please, in Las Vegas, we hold off until Halloween. And not a day sooner. Nothing is weirder than sitting in a café sandwiched between someone wearing a T-shirt and shorts and another with leggings and a beanie. That kind of style juxtaposition gives me vertigo, and you wouldn’t want me to spit up my Americano all over your new boots now, would you?

Downtown tower mystery unsolved

A continuing saga I’ve explored is that of Downtown’s mysterious metal tower (11th Street at Ogden Avenue). Recently, I discovered what I thought was the answer on George Apfel’s Las Vegas Radio History website: It was the broadcast tower for KGIX! I was convinced, but others were skeptical.

Reader Scott B. said “a good source” (a cabbie) told him the tower was used to display a revolving, multisided billboard. That sounded similar to reader stories of the tower’s provenance as an advertising medium. Then Apfel himself wrote to say that further research of the KGIX studio—which old-timers thought was at 12th and Stewart—suggests it was actually between Seventh and Eighth streets nearer to where U.S. 95 sits today. He posted a photo purportedly showing the KGIX broadcast tower, and it looks nothing like the tower we know. Back on the “unsolved Vegas mysteries” pile you go!

The quintessential Vegas song, remixed

On January 12, 2012, in answering a question about songs that best capture Las Vegas, I suggested that unlike San Francisco, perhaps our town (the obvious “Viva Las Vegas” notwithstanding) has yet to hear its perfect tribute song. Recently, thanks to the talented musicians of Sin City Sinners, I was reminded of Vegas native Mark Slaughter and his namesake rock band’s hit “Up All Night.” Sure, lyrics such as “Drivin’ down the Boulevard, all alone/The neon signs are callin’ your name” could be referencing the Sunset Strip as much as the Strip, but combined with “24 hours a day” and the sing-along refrain “up all night, sleep all day,” this song is Vegas all the way. It belongs in the body of work that celebrates our city.

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