Oliver Dragojevic Throws a Dalmatian Party

The Pearl at the Palms, Sept. 26

Photo by Linda Evans

Photo by Linda Evans

Hanging out at the Pearl packed with Croatian expats was like falling into an all-night bash hosted by a talented and perpetually cool uncle. A kind and charming Dragojevic, 67, soon had us swaying to reflections on a seagull in “Galeb i ja” and leaping and singing along with “Nadalina,” an accordion-driven romp and ode to a village beauty.

A number of guest appearances fragmented the show somewhat, but they also served to offset Dragojevic’s sometimes sugary pastoral pop. Annie Bosko rolled in for a “Crying Time” duet and performed a handful of tunes during intermission. Arturo Sandoval’s screaming jazz trumpet and Antonio Serrano’s virtuoso harmonica meandered through the set on various pieces, including an infectious extended Latin jam.

As the party pushed past the three-hour mark, Uncle Dragojevic gestured fellow Dalmatian superstar Gibonni onstage to send everyone home with a happy buzz and visions of sunsets over the Adriatic. ★★★✩✩

Photos by Linda Evans