Top Chef’s Fabio Viviani’s Passion Lives

fabio_viviani_no_credit_WEBTop Chef star and restaurateur Fabio Viviani is bringing his eponymous wine collection ( to Las Vegas to share his Italian roots and elevate the everyday through quality, affordable and approachable wines. “I wanted to bring my wine collection to Sin City because I feel like people there appreciate good food and wine, as well as the importance of enjoying and living in the moment,” Viviani says. The chef believes that the magic of pairing wine and food can be made with one of his red or white wines from the Fabio Viviani Wine Collection.

2013 Fabio Viviani No. 19 Chardonnay

Details: California chardonnay is lush and round with hints of golden apple and stone fruit.

Find it: Total Wine & More locations, $15.

Pair it: Grilled bass and couscous risotto. “This is not an overly sweet and syrupy chardonnay. It has bright flavors that compliment buttery white fish such as bass, while offsetting the pepper in the risotto.”

2013 Fabio Viviani No. 78 Cabernet Sauvignon

Details: California cabernet sauvignon has balanced tannins and a rich mouthfeel with notes of dark chocolate, black currants and vanilla.

Find it: Total Wine & More locations, $15.

Pair it: Herb-encrusted pork chop with peppercorn sauce, creamy mashed potato and sautéed kale. “This pairs perfectly with grilled dishes, such as this pork chop. The wine’s dark chocolate flavors balance nicely with the natural savory salt in the pork. The focused acidity also helps to cut through the creamy mashed potatoes.


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