Who Dares Sniff Ellie Goulding’s Shoulder?

Last month, British songbird Ellie Goulding dropped a music video for “On My Mind,” the single from her upcoming album, Delirium. Shot at El Cortez, the video details a romance tainted by booze, abuse and lots and lots of glitter. Let’s break it down by the second.

0:05 It’s a good thing this video started with shots of the open desert, the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign and Paris Las Vegas, or we might not know it was set in Downtown.

0:16 Why is she naked? This scene looks very “How Does It Feel.” With cartoons.

0:39 Did that goateed man in a red suit just come up from behind her and sniff her shoulder? This can’t end well.

0:50 I know people are saying this song is about Ed Sheeran, but I think it’s totally about Niall Horan.

1:04 “I’m so bored.”

1:17 Now the shoulder-sniffer is yelling and throwing things. Mmhmm.

1:31 Now he’s giving her an expensive-looking dress and she’s looking in the mirror like Straight Outta Lifetime Movie.

1:46 Road closures on Fremont East. What else is new?

2:04 Cheating with the secretary? Way to be original, creep.

2:10 Counting money on the elliptical (in a suit) is totally normal. Not.

2:22 Don’t mess with a girl (or a horse) who just got her hair done.

2:50How does it feeeeeeel?

3:26  A whole three seconds, holding on the El Cortez sign? Way to go, DTLV!

3:38 Making it rain on a casino rooftop? Extra Vegas points for you, Ellie Goulding.

3:55 Hmm, so is he dead, or did they just dump him in the alley behind Beauty Bar before riding north past Jerry’s Nugget?