Can You Handle the Inferno Curry Challenge?

inferno dish picture

One bite may defy even the most courageous contender, but for the truly fearless, this fiery hot dish will give their taste buds a screaming thrill. Now through October 31, the second annual Inferno Curry Challenge at Mint Indian Bistro (730 E. Flamingo Rd. 702-894-9334) dares guests to test their tolerance for pain by devouring the spiciest curry in Las Vegas.

“We use a variety of spices in our curry, but the biggest weapon of mass destruction is the ghost chili, which gives it a serious kick,” Mint Indian Bistro owner Kris Parikh says. “The Inferno Curry Challenge is unique in its ability to strike a perfect balance between flavor and fear.”

The curry is marinated with the hottest chilies in the world—no extracts here. The pepper blend includes the aforementioned ghost pepper—which originates from India and we all know is one of the hottest available—but there is also the Thai chili, which is small in size, but big in heat, and there are the many other capsicum varieties in the dish that give the Inferno’s signature heat its staying power.  Some of the chilies are actually raw, adding to this curry’s Scoville heat units, a measurement of spiciness. Understandably, guests must sign a waiver prior to embarking on the challenge.

Of the more than 1,800 customers who attempted the Inferno Curry in 2014, only 30 claimed their spot on the restaurant’s Wall of Flame. This year’s finishers will join in that honor as well as receive a $50 Mint Indian Bistro gift card. The Inferno Curry is served from 3-11:30 p.m. daily.