Electric/Coronation Brings the Noise, Eddie Jayy Still Has a Thing For Ya

Shamir takes flight in his video for "In For the Kill."

Shamir takes flight in his video for “In For the Kill.”

Hear new music from local artists. In this week’s edition: improvisational band Electric/Coronation release their free jazz/noise rock debut, rockers Bounty Hunter Brothers hit the studio at Eleventh Street Records, Shamir goes “In For the Kill” and more.

Bounty Hunter Brothers – The Eleventh Street Sessions EP [Stream]

The opening of 11th Street Records has been one of the best things to happen to the local music scene. Not only can you score rare vinyl, but they also hold the occasional concert and have a studio in the back. Judging by the quality of rock band Bounty Hunter Brothers‘ The Eleventh Street Session EP, it’s a damn good studio. The EP features three crisp new cuts with each of the band’s three vocalists getting his and her own song, which makes a project even this short sound diverse. It’s available for a name-your-price download, so if you dig it, help contribute to their pizza fund.

Shamir – “In For the Kill” [Music video]

Northtown native Shamir takes to the skies like a funky Flight of the Navigator in this latest video off his debut, Ratchet. Like most of his videos, “In For the Kill” is fun and quirky, featuring Shamir as the pilot of a UFO. But as goofy as it may be, the song is personal. He wrote in a press release: “‘In For the Kill’ is about making sacrifices to do things that make you happy. For me, that’s making and playing music. I had to leave a lot of things back in Vegas in order to do music – family, friends, certain trinkets I collect because I’m a very sentimental person. When you make music, you almost have to disappear and go deep inside yourself so that you can come back and give people something that feels honest to you.”

Trade Voorhees ft. Spice 1 – “Black Lac” [Stream]

With a new album coming out November 14, North Las Vegas’ Trade Voorhees lets loose a deadly single featuring Bay Area gangster rap veteran Spice 1. While Spice’s hook is laced with threats, Trade comes off laidback and cool as always, secure in his place in the game: My shit great, it’s just classic / Give a fuck what you saying bitch, ’cause I done already made it bitch.

Love at First Sound – “Close to the Ledge” [Free download]

Vegas native Love At First Sound isn’t slowing down. Already buzzing off the release of his debut project, Audra, in July, the rapper and singer has since hopped around the U.S., living in Minneapolis briefly and, currently, in Orlando. Meanwhile, he continues to drop new music. “Closed to the Ledge” finds him switching from rapping to singing before his voice gets caught up in the stormy, pulsing production from Mike Derenzo.

Eddie Jayy ft. Love At First Sound – “preMADONNA” [Stream]

Speaking of Love At First Sound, he teams up with fellow Las Vegan Eddie Jayy for the recently-released “preMADONNA.” The silky smooth beat, produced by David Grants, and the simple yet catchy hook won’t leave your head anytime soon.

Electric/Coronation – Disaster EP [Stream]

“If you like weird music, you may enjoy this.” That’s the note I received about Electric/Coronation‘s debut EP, Disaster!. The instrumental band is a mix of local musicians fronted by Joshua Chévere Cohen of Candy Warpop and Brian Gathy, formerly of Mother McKenzie. For Disaster!, the band enlisted Christina Lakis of Hi-Fi Reactor on drums, William Davenport of Bounty Hunter Brothers on bass and Gathy’s son Ethan on synthesizer. The music itself is improvisational and touches on everything from free jazz to noise rock, with songs spanning from 41 seconds to 15 minutes. It plays out like a series of meandering jam sessions, and its fun to hear where the music takes them.