An Expert’s Advice on Furnishings

8 Via Del Garda Henderson NV-small-008-16-LivingDining Room-666x444-72dpiInterior Designer Nicola Weicker of CHKD LLC (pronounced Chickadee) works with homebuilders to decorate some of Las Vegas’ most dazzling residences, and with homeowners to source custom furnishings and home goods. Weicker has the inside track on off-the-radar places to snap up the best décor around town.

What are your favorite spots?

RC Furniture is hands-down my favorite go-to for sofas or anything upholstered. I love LMS Design Group for its lighting. Four Hands is very current in terms of transitional furniture and is a resource with great price points. And Global Views has fill-in pieces at great prices, even for retail. They’re all in the Las Vegas Design Center, which many people don’t realize is open to the public.

You source a lot of custom furnishings. What tricks can help people get a custom look on a more limited budget?

Consignment stores are a great place to go, and I use them quite a bit. Las Vegas is so interesting because there is a perpetual turnover of people—an influx moving in and out and always upgrading. That creates a broad range of available furniture, and you can really source some amazing things for incredible prices here.

And if they want to splurge on a few items, what should they consider?

Any crystal—it doesn’t have to be faceted. Clean, lovely crystal is timeless, captures light and can go in any type of home including modern, Tuscan and traditional. Spend a little more on a finer piece if that’s what you enjoy and create a vignette with a fabulous hurricane lantern and candle. A great vase can also go from a bathroom to a bar to a living room to a counter.

I love places like Lemontree Home Décor where you can get designer-quality stuff. It’s a higher price point, but you can augment with some pieces from lower priced places such as World Market. I can recommend World Market for things such as glass pendants that look high-end for less than half of what they would cost elsewhere. Buy one or two things that you really love that can become family heirlooms and then fill in the rest.

Do you have any top-secret resources in the city you can share with us?

Designers Décor—Diego and Connie—for upholstery work. Earline’s Drapery Shack—she has about 15 dogs in the front yard because she rescues them. And there are ponies and horses in the back. When you drive in, you think, “This is where I’m having draperies done?” But she is so amazing. She did the draperies at The Cosmopolitan and has done homes across the country.